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The process of urbanization scares many. The concentration of people in small areas, as we are seeing now, in the second decade of 2020, leads to an outbreak of diseases. According to many sociologists, the reverse process, deurbanization, may begin in the near future, and the outbreak of epidemics will contribute to this

De-urbanization can have a positive impact on infrastructure development.

And the growth of infrastructure will lead to a decline in demand for real estate in megacities and lower prices, but at the same time - to an increase in demand for land around cities and towns.

Chapter 6. What determines the price, value and value of real estate?

Now let's find out what affects the price, value and value of real estate. These subtle and important concepts for the real estate market, which significantly affect the understanding of the subject, must be defined.

The price is the amount of money that was transferred by the buyer to the seller.

The price is specified in the contract of sale.

Cost is the monetary expression of labor costs for the production of goods and the cost of expenses.



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