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Join your friends. 

A Billion New Souls Masquerade Ball Feat. Luke Mandala


Date: 11/2/19, 8pm-4am Location: BNF Kombucha 2495 Prairie Road Unit A Eugene


Enter through the Veil with us as it thins near Samhain.
Come join us as we dance with the Spirits on

November 2nd.
As the Doorways to the Otherworlds open, 
we invite you to celebrate with us in the liminal space of the Ball, 
honoring the Living, the Dead and all that lays between. 
In this space of magic and miracle, All things are possible~
Let us play with the alchemy on this night through ritual, dance, connection & celebration.
Welcome to All Soul's Night Masquerade Ball at the BNF Kombucha & Jun Warehouse. 
~~~Music. Ritual. Performances. Elixirs & Tea. Food.~~~

The Spirits will expect you to be in your shapeshifted form. **Costumes are required and remember to wear your masquerade mask. πŸ‘»

πŸπŸ’€Music Medicine will be provided by: 
Luke Mandala
Michael vs Brianna Friedman
Kevin Warren
M3istro (Jesse Hill-Meyer)
Purple Cloudz ft Ewa
Few Chains
more tba

πŸπŸ’€ Opening Ceremony (will start at event start time!)

πŸπŸ’€ Altar to Honor Those Who Have Crossed the Veil. 
~***Please bring photos of loved ones who have crossed over***, pets, family members, lovers, friends, any being, or items that remind you of them for the altar, in their Memory. Candles will be lit in their honor. Here, we may commune with them, give back to them through gratitude and the gift of having them in our lives, or reflect and remember. Bring offerings for the Spirits-fruit, harvest, water, wine, nuts, salt, bread, flowers, etc. All of your photos & items will of course get to go back with you.

πŸπŸ’€ A Fire Performance from the witch of the sacred flame 

πŸπŸ’€ Art Vendors: Chase Williams & Audie Bangerang Wiley

πŸπŸ’€ Possible Bellydance Performances 

πŸπŸ’€ Dance!

πŸπŸ’€Various Altar Spaces with divination opportunities

πŸπŸ’€ Fire Transmutation Ritual. 
-As the moon grows fuller, so shall we. Let us use this time of open gateways to invoke our next version of our greater selves. What is coming in the way of where we are now & our flourishing? What are we ready to and willing to shed & let go of in the name of our evolution? What do we desire to transmute?
Write that or something that symbolizes it on a paper and place it in the Cauldron. Later, these will be burned in ceremony as we let the flames transmute & we step through the veil into our personal next levels, calling in the thriving of the individual & collective. Ask the Spirits for their blessings in our transformations.

πŸπŸ’€ Tea Lounge

πŸπŸ’€Enchanting Kombucha & Jun

πŸπŸ’€Bus with magic Elixirs by donation-cacao, matcha, espresso, etc 


πŸπŸ’€Yoga Swing

Presale only, no tickets sold at door.

See you all inside the Ball of the Living and the Dead

Limited - 200 - Presales