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Hours: M-Sat 11am-6pm sun 12-6pm

The  Brews we craft

(Tasting room on tap selection Rotates daily)

Mango Marigold, Herbal Lemon Ginger, Peach Rose, Ginger Zen, Grape Lavender, Oregon Blueberry, Pear Jun, Ginger Turmeric Jun, Raspberry Reishi Jun,Hibiscus Mint Yerba Mate, Skullcap Lemon Yerba Mate, Moonfruit Yerba Mate.
Seasonals: Pomegranate Cardomom, Chai Cider, Strawberry Mint 

Come visit our tasting room at 2495 Prairie Road Unit A Eugene, Oregon
Growler Fills - Bottles - 16 taps of Craft Kombucha, Jun, & Yerba Mate- Keg Sales,
Best Growler Fill Prices in Eugene!
Featuring our High Energy Kombucha with 200mg caffeine per bottle 
Ranked best Kombucha brewed in Eugene by Eugene Weekly in 2019- 2020 & 2021-2022 : )


Exquisitely Crafted in Eugene Oregon


To provide Eugene, Oregon and surrounding cities a locally made, fantastically tasting kombucha and jun option while sourcing the absolute highest quality ingredients as locally as possible.

We proudly purchase 95% of our ingredients from Eugene businesses and use locally grown ingredients in all of our brews.


Why the Name BNF
(Billion New Friends)?

Kombucha and Jun are known to have billions (sometimes even trillions) of probiotics in addition to beneficial enzymes and acids. Real friends to our bodies! Scientific research has  uncovered many great benefits to this magical beverage, all with less than half the sugar of most sodas and juices. Our mission is to craft a fantastic tasting kombucha using as many locally grown ingredients as possible. We believe the closer to home ingredients are grown, the better they are for us and our planet. So drink up and experience for yourself all the gifts your new friends have to offer!


Based in the health-conscious city of Eugene, Oregon, we are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients, and locally grown whenever possible. We also use fluoride-free filtered water in everything we brew. Our small batch brewing method produces unsurpassed quality in every bottle!


Get In Touch

Our address & Tasting Room:

2495 Prairie Road Unit A

Eugene, Oregon 97402

Give us a jingle:

(541) 653-9816

Winter HOURS:

Mon - Sat: 11am - 6pm​​

​Sunday: 12pm- 6pm

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